Board Officers and Trustees

 Board Officers and Trustees

2017 – 2018


 Marilyn Kalna

Marilyn has been the pastor at Fifth Spiritualist Church for  ten years and a member for five years before that.  She is very active in all phases of the church and teaches the new member class, the introductory class and the Platform decorm class.


Jayne Kmitta

Jayne started her spiritual journey about 9 years ago, but has found a home with our church.  Jayne is a spiritual healer, does message work, channels, and does automatic writing. She has been doing automatic writing for the last 6 years.  Jayne works with Archangel Raphael  for  spiritual healing. Jayne is President for the church board, and plays the piano and also composes music for the church.


Vice President

Holly Kowell

Holly has been a Spiritualist for six years and have been involved in spiritual healing for five years. She embraces a combination of healing modalites and has recieved training in Spiritual, Reiki and Reconnective healing modalities.  Holly believes healing is made possible through the divine energy of the Holy Spirit and the intentions of the recipient of the healing.


Clara Helms

Clara has recently become a member of fifth spiritualist church and is enjoying her position as secretary. She also is assisting the treasurer. Clara Is a healer and has learned her modality from taking classes at Fifth Spiritualist Church.



Jenn Cardin

Jenn has been a member of Fifth Spiritualist Church since 2012 and began her spiritual studies shortly thereafter. She has been on the board since 2013. Jenn serves the church as a medium and healer and is currently enrolled in Morris-Pratt, focusing on her Mediumship certification. 



Reverend Deborah

Rev. Debb has been a spiritualist since 2003 when she began her studies in spiritual healing and started serving in a spiritualist church. She has been trained in several healing modalites.  From that beginning in healing, she became a medium.  She completed her seminary studies in an independent spiritualist church and was ordained in 2009.  Rev. Debb came to Fifth Spiritualist Church in 2014 and has served as there since.  She is currently enrolled in Morris Pratt Institute to continue her spiritualist studies.  She also offers a varity of classes at church as well. 



Charolette Dodge



Barb Jacobs



Liz Tintera